Setting the APN on the Sony Ericsson T62u.
Setting the APN on the Sony Ericsson T62u.
Sony Ericsson T62u
Internet access

Sony Ericsson T62u Keypad Layout

  1. Press Menu.

  2. Scroll to Settings and press Select.

  3. Scroll to Data Comm and press Select.

  4. With Data Accounts highlighted press Select.

  5. Scroll to Add Account and press Add.

  6. Scroll to GPRS Data and press Select.

  7. Enter a name for the account (this is not service effecting, it's just a name). Press OK.

  8. APN will be highlighted. Press Edit.

  9. Enter the appropriate value for the APN.

  10. Scroll to Save? and press Proceed.

Important: Every time the device attempts to connect to mMode it will try the other connections first and fail before connecting with the profile just created.
APN: Access Point Name.

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