Download and Install Microsoft ActiveSync
Download and Install Microsoft ActiveSync
Installing Microsoft ActiveSync to synchronize information between a computer and Pocket PC or Smartphone device
Synchronize or transfer contacts, e-mail, calendar information or files
Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition
Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 Phone Edition
Windows Mobile 5.0
Microsoft ActiveSync
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Microsoft ActiveSync Overview



  1. Log on to Microsoft's ActiveSync site, or insert the CD into the disk drive if available.
    • If using a CD, follow onscreen instructions and skip to Step 6.
    • If downloading via website, continue with the next set of steps
  2. Select the desired version of ActiveSync to download.
    NOTE: Microsoft ActiveSync is not compatible with the new Windows Vista operating system. Synchronizing a Windows Mobile based Pocket PC or Smartphone device with a Windows Vista personal computer requires Windows Mobile Device Center.
    • Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5
      • Supports Windows Mobile devices up to 6.0
      • Requires Windows XP Service Pack 1 or later
      • Full Requirements
    • Microsoft ActiveSync 4.2
      • Supports Windows Mobile devices up to 5.0
      • Requires Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 or later
      • Full Requirements
  3. Click Worldwide English.

  4. Scroll down and click Download next to the Setup file.

  5. Click Open.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Click I accept to agree to the License Agreement, then click Next.
    NOTE: Next will not be selectable until I accept is selected.

  8. Enter User Name and Organization (optional), then click Next.

  9. Select which folder to store the application, and click Next.
    NOTE: Default location is C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync

  10. The green bar will continue to fill as the software installs.

  11. Once setup is complete, click Finish.

Once the software has been installed, a local synchronization partnership can be created.

Microsoft ActiveSync currently cannot be used with IBM Lotus applications for wireless synchronization, additionally IBM has yet to offer an alternative synchronization solution.

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