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Gifts Mom & Grandma Really Want

Looking for a unique gift for mom or gift for grandma this year? We’ve got you covered!

Whether your mom scored as a connection queen or as not quite connected on our How Connected is Your Mom quiz, AT&T has lots of products, perfect for a mom of any tech level.

If you’re sick of all the traditional Mother’s Day gift ideas, we have a few tech gift ideas to get your gift giving going!

Photo books

Giving mom a frame with one photo in it is always special, but what about giving her a whole book of photos? There are many online services where you can upload photos directly from your phone or tablet to create stunning photo books. Devices take such great photos nowadays, why not make something special out of those photos?

MOther's Day

Phone cases

What is better than helping mom keep her phone protected and be fashionable at the same time? There is a phone case for every mom.

Bluetooth speakers

If you have a mom who loves to jam out or one who enjoys listening to podcasts while she gets ready in the morning, your mom may be secretly dreaming of having a Bluetooth speaker of her own.

Portable chargers

Is your mom always on the go? Maybe she is a chatty Cathy or an internet surfing Susie… Whatever the reason, she likes to drain her battery. A portable charger could be a great gift option for your mom.

Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are a great gift for mom because they open the door to so many new things. A smart speaker can help mom do everything from ordering groceries to setting an alarm for her to wake up in the morning. A few extra miles between you will feel like nothing with one of these great speakers.

Bluetooth tracking device

No, we don’t mean so you can track your mom or grandma, we mean so they can track their stuff. This is the perfect gift for mom if she is always misplacing things. A Bluetooth tracker can help mom and grandma find their keys or phone in no time.

Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we hope these ideas have helped you nail down the perfect gift idea for mom or grandma! If you’re still looking for more great ideas, head over to the AT&T Mother’s Day gift guide for more.

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