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Looking for Holiday Gifts for Seniors or Kids? Check Out Phone Deals from AT&T PREPAID

While my guess would be that almost anyone would love to get a new phone for the holidays, prepaid phones make especially great gifts for the special seniors and kids in your life.

AT&T PREPAID phone plans offer flexibility

Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of an AT&T PREPAID plan. Unlike some traditional post-paid wireless plans, you aren’t locked into an annual contract, so you can pay for your wireless service as you go. Or, you can pay upfront and save more in the long run by choosing a multi-month plan. AT&T has a 12-month plan which is a great gift that lasts all year long!

Why that’s great for seniors:

While this kind of flexibility is nice for all customers, it’s especially appealing to seniors. For example, ten months of the year my grandma mostly uses her computer for the internet and her landline for phone calls. During the holiday season, however, she uses her prepaid smartphone a lot. It’s the only time of year she’s talking to a lot of family and friends, preparing for Christmas, and handling her holiday shopping. You can find prepaid smartphone options at

An AT&T PREPAID monthly plan is great for customers like her. It allows customers to adjust service for only a month or two at a time. That way they don’t have to commit to an annual contract just to enjoy a few months of heavy usage.

Why that’s great for kids:

Flexible phone plans are also great for kids, since their lives might change with the school year. For example, many parents want their kids to be able to stay in touch while they’re away at school, but they don’t want their kids to be on the phone too often throughout the summer. AT&T PREPAID plans offer that kind of flexibility.

AT&T PREPAID phone plans offer affordability

In addition to flexibility, AT&T PREPAID plans can also be very affordable.

Why that’s great for seniors:

While some seniors are huge tech fans and want all of the bells and whistles of the latest phone, many seniors don’t rely as much on cellphones as younger generations. If your loved one is this way, it’s possible they see affordability and simplicity as their highest priorities. This could make a prepaid phone a good fit.

Why that’s great for kids:

Deciding to get your kid a phone is a big decision. There are a lot of factors to consider, including cost, parental controls, and safety. Some parents want a way to reach their kids if they need to, but they don’t want to pay for an expensive plan or for their kids to have access to every possible feature just yet. This makes a basic prepaid plan an excellent choice for parents.

Find great deals on prepaid phones

If you’ve decided your loved one would appreciate a prepaid phone this holiday season, it’s time to find a device that they are going to enjoy! Throughout the holiday season, AT&T is running lots of great deals on prepaid phones from some top brands. Check out these deals for yourself,  and be sure to pick out some nice accessories to go with your loved one’s new phone.

Avoid delays with curbside pickup

As the holidays get even closer, some people may be in a hurry to get their loved ones’ gifts as soon as possible. The good news is you can avoid delays and get a new prepaid phone today when you choose curbside pickup at checkout.

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