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5 Tips for Traveling in Canada

Canada might be known for maple syrup and cold weather sports, but there are so many other reasons to make this your next vacation destination. The last thing a vacation should be is stressful. To make sure things go smoothly, prepare ahead of time by checking out these tips for traveling in Canada.

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Prepare for travel

Whether you’re traveling to Canada by bus or plane, getting there can take a while. In addition to your passport, make sure to pack any chargers you need and a good pair of headphones.

Make room for pictures

There are plenty of incredible sights to see throughout this vast country. Whether you’re seeing Niagara Falls, the Notre Dame Basilica Cathedral, or the views from the CN tower in Toronto, you’re going to want to take pictures. Delete any unwanted or old pictures off your phone to ensure there is plenty of storage to take new pics. If you don’t want to delete any, upload them to your computer or an external site for safe keeping.

Download important information

If you’re an outdoorsman, then you’ll love all the options to go hiking, cycling, fishing, or camping. There are many gorgeous national parks in Canada for tourists to explore. Be aware that in many hiking areas there is limited cell service. Make sure to download or screenshot maps and important notes for offline use in case you don’t get the best cell connection. Protect your phone in a good case, and bring a sealable bag if you’re going to be around water.

Take advantage of apps

Technology has totally changed the way people travel. Apps are your best friend when traveling somewhere new. Most airlines have their own apps, which include flight notifications and alerts. If you’re driving, download gas-finder apps to avoid panic when you’re running low. In addition, you can download map apps, itinerary apps, and destination-guide apps to make your journey a stress-free one. Don’t forget about weather apps, so you can pack accordingly before you get there.

Preparation is key when traveling to new and exciting places. You should be enjoying your trip instead of worrying about your phone. Hopefully, this list will help your trip go smoothly, so you can enjoy yourself during your time off! To learn more, check out the AT&T roaming in North America page.

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