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A Hopeful Message: Put a Little Love in Your Heart

The start of a new year is a special time to count blessings and connect with loved ones. In that spirit, AT&T has recently shared a message of hope and kindness, reminding us to take a breath, remember what’s important, and put a little love in our hearts. To build on that message, I thought it’d be nice to share a few ideas for how to spread love and kindness in the coming year.

Donate or volunteer with your local food bank

One of the best ways to express gratitude for what you have is to pay it forward. This is a hard time for many people, but I’m inspired by the good work done at local foodbanks. I’ve found they are wonderful places to give your food, time, or donations. They also tend to serve people in the local community. This nonprofit’s website can help you locate a foodbank in your area.

Give when no one is looking

Whether it’s for a loved one or part of a charitable program, anonymous giving can also be a fulfilling experience. It’s a true gift—one where you don’t expect anything in return. If you’re feeling charitable, there are lots of great programs that can connect you to someone who is in need. Alternatively, sometimes it’s also just nice to send a loved one a surprise gift without signing your name. The mystery of the gift can be an added level of fun for them.

Reach out to people

One cost-free way to spread love and help make the world a better place is simply to reach out to others. This can be someone you know, but it can also be a stranger. It might be your grandparent who lives alone, or a friend who just moved to a new city. There are also multiple programs that help connect people to lonely seniors. You’d be surprised how much a simple phone call can improve someone’s day.

Express gratitude to loved ones

I’ve found that expressing gratitude can improve my mood. It can also help my loved ones know they are appreciated. Not everyone is always in a position to give to others, but showing gratitude for what you are given is powerful, too. It can be for something big, like the dedication of a spouse, or something small, like a morning cup of coffee.

Best wishes and Happy New Year!

Hopefully this post has been a nice reminder to pause and remember what’s truly important. Now, stay safe and have a wonderful new year!

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