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How will you watch the MLB All-Star game with AT&T?

Where will you be when you see this year’s MLB All-Star game? It’s one of the most anticipated games in sports. This game draws baseball fans and casual viewers alike, and it’s one of the best ways to introduce new fans to the game. Fans vote for the best of the best, choosing who meet in the field and provide an American tradition.

AT&T offers you more ways to watch this game than virtually any other service provider. Will you be at home with friends in front of the TV? Planning to travel and need to catch it on the road? Want to pop in some earbuds and watch wherever you are? AT&T can help you with all of that!

All of these AT&T offers are accurate as of this article’s publication date. Offers change over time, so check for the latest deals at

3 ways to watch TV on AT&T

Maybe it’s just you and your family around a bowl of popcorn. Maybe you’ve got a keg tapped on the patio for your friends and co-workers. Or maybe it’s just a mostly quiet solo day at home. If you can’t be there in person, the most popular way to watch this game is in front of your TV. If you’re with AT&T, you have lots of entertainment options to catch the game on the MLB Network.

DIRECTV NOW stream everywhere

Maybe I’m cheating by starting with my favorite, but I’m telling you, I can see the future. (I shouldn’t give in to the temptation to say, “The future is NOW” … but it is!) Who needs an installation tech? Forget the appointment, forget the equipment, and don’t even get me started on that contract nonsense. If you’ve got decent internet service, you’ve got access to the best entertainment for a great price.

What, no internet? How about an unlimited wireless cell phone plan? With DIRECTV NOW℠, you can stream wherever you are, as long as you’re getting a good signal—though I wouldn’t bother with anything less than 4G, because the waiting wheel of buffering isn’t fun for anyone.

Get the MLB Network with the DIRECTV NOW Just Right plan. This one includes more than 80 channels and a free 20-hour Cloud DVR, and it starts at just $50 a month. Check out the other plans for even more channels. For a limited time, add a streaming device at no extra charge!

DIRECTV satellite TV

Want even more channels including HD, and don’t mind “the box”? The DIRECTV CHOICE plan includes more than 185 channels. It offers MLB Network HD, and also starts at $50 a month.

Setting up an installation appointment is easy, and working with the tech is even easier. Mine was so determined to make sure I’d have a great entertainment experience that he was ready to tell me “No” if he couldn’t find a perfect signal from my apartment patio. It’s this personal touch that makes a huge difference.

If that’s not enough reason, I suppose I could mention that “undisputed leader in sports” thing that DIRECTV has been proud of for years. And if the regular season isn’t enough, try adding MLB EXTRA INNINGS® with MLB.TV to catch baseball everywhere.

U-verse TV digital

If you already have AT&T Internet, you could also get U-verse® TV. Bundle together and save: U-verse TV and Internet use the same 99% reliable digital line to your home. U300 or higher plans include MLB Network (also HD). You get more than 470 channels starting at $60 per month for the first year.

And in case you were wondering, you can take the game with you on the U-verse app. But DIRECTV has an app as well. And DIRECTV NOW, as a streaming service, is practically all app and virtually no hardware, so it goes where you go, too. So if you’re taking the game with you for some live sports streaming, what else do you need?

And 2 to go

Connected cars

You’ve set up the ultimate tailgate party, with your whole crew coming together to nosh and watch the game. AT&T offers Wi-Fi® in your car with unlimited data starting at just $20 a month! If you’ve also got kids, you know a connected car would be handy for family road trips, too.

You can use any of our online entertainment apps to catch the MLB All-Star game while you’re on a picnic. Or let someone else drive—someone who just doesn’t get baseball—and relax in the back seat where you can enjoy the game. Bear in mind, after 22GB of data per line each month, AT&T may slow data speeds when the network is busy.

Unlimited mobile data

Supercharge your wireless plan with limitless amounts of data, live TV, and premium entertainment—all in one plan. AT&T Unlimited &MoreSM mobile plans start at $40 a line if you have 4 lines for your cell phones, tablets, and other wireless devices. Stream all you want with no overage fees—ever. This may be the easiest way I’ve seen to take the game on the go.

So there you go: AT&T offers lots of ways to catch this years’ MLB All-Star game. And the playoffs. And the finals. And the … well, you get the idea.

This article was written by an AT&T employee. The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.

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