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Wireless Trends: How Today’s Moms Are Connecting

Mother’s Day is less than a week away, and we’ve all been thinking about ways to show the moms in our lives that we care. Staying connected for the seasonal observance – and all year long – is something that can make life just a bit brighter for many of us. So, we surveyed an employee group to see if we might be able to spot any trends between the moms of adult children and the sons and daughters they love.

We approached Women of AT&T, an Employee Resource Group (ERG) of over 25,000 women and men who work for the company, whose mission is to inspire members to achieve their personal and professional goals and to effect change in the communities where they live and work. Over 1,000 of the ERG’s members participated in the survey, and this is what we learned:

  • Most moms have one or two wireless devices.
    When asked how many wireless devices their moms have today, over 36% of survey respondents said one. Over 35% said two. Over 13% said three. And, over 4.5 said four or more. Surprisingly, nearly 10% said none.
  • Moms are talking on their phones more than they’re texting.
    According to our survey, moms communicate with their adult children most often via phone (nearly 52%), followed by texting (over 17%), talking in-person (over 13%) and using video calls (roughly 2.5%). In addition, roughly 14% said their moms use all of these methods.
  • Moms’ texting frequencies vary, but more are texting often.
    Over 31% of our respondents indicated that their moms text multiple times a day or every day. Over 21% text a few times a week. And, over 17% don’t text often while nearly 30% said their moms never text.
  • More moms use one social media platform, and more than half of respondents don’t have their moms following them on social media.
    Our survey showed that 78% of our respondents’ moms are using one or no social media platforms. Over 20% are using two or three and over 1.5% are using four or more. And, more moms don’t follow (over 52%) than do follow their adult children (over 47%).

If you would like to find out how connected your mom is, we invite you to enjoy the interactive quiz we’re sharing here on TechBuzz. And, if you’re still looking for a few good gift ideas for Mother’s Day, you can find several here on our blog and through our gift guide.

In addition to the lifestyle insights our respondents shared with us, over 76% confirmed that they are moms themselves. We wish them and all the moms we’re all celebrating this weekend a Happy Mother’s Day!

This article was written by Amanda L. Ray, a TechBuzz contributor.  The statements in this article are her own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.







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