Follow these steps for each AT&T service you want to enroll in AutoPay:

  • Sign in to myAT&T.
  • Select Enroll in AutoPay.
  • If you have multiple accounts linked to your AT&T Access ID, select Enroll all accounts not already enrolled in AutoPay or select Customize my AutoPay enrollment to choose which account or services you want to enroll in AutoPay.
  • Select an existing account, New Checking / Savings Account, or New Credit / Debit Card.
  • Provide the required information to complete AutoPay enrollment. Confirmation is automatically sent; no further action is needed.

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for your automatic payments to start. Continue to pay as usual until your bill says that the amount due will be paid by your bank account or credit / debit card. This information is displayed near the top of your bill. You'll have time to review your statement before it is automatically paid in case you have any billing questions.