Did you forget or need to change your passcode?

If so, speak with an agent to have it reset. Call us at 800.288.2020

What is the installation passcode?

Most new AT&T customers are asked to create a four-digit passcode when ordering service. The passcode is emailed to new customers when orders are placed. When emails are undeliverable, a paper letter will be sent via USPS to the mailing address provided. Existing AT&T customers who are ordering new service may already have a passcode.

Why do you need a passcode?

You will need your four-digit AT&T passcode to:

  • Complete your AT&T installation
  • Manage your account and services by phone
  • Get AT&T Technical Support by phone

Primary ID member and Sub ID members may have four-digit passcodes.

Primary ID members

The passcode allows you to manage your account and change services or request technical support by phone.

Sub account members

The passcode only allows you to request technical support by phone.