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Before Installation

How to Get Ready

A few small steps ahead of time can help you prepare for your U-verse service install. Check out these helpful tips and get ready for a quick and easy installation day.

U-verse Passcode

Why do you need a passcode?


Your U-verse passcode is a four-digit number you selected when you purchased your service. The passcode allows you to:


  • Complete your U-verse installation
  • Perform personal account tasks by phone
  • Contact U-verse Technical Support by phone


Both the Primary ID Member and Sub ID Members may have four-digit passcodes.


Primary ID Members

The passcode allows you to change services by phone and request Technical Support by phone.


Sub Account Members

The passcode allows you to request Technical Support by phone, but you may not use this passcode to order additional services by phone or request a repair.


How do you get a passcode?

You select a passcode when you purchase U-verse service. Then we send an email confirmation of the passcode to you. If the email cannot be delivered, or you don’t open it within a day, we send a confirmation letter via USPS.

Did you forget or need to change your passcode?

If you don’t have access to your passcode – or want to change it – you can speak with an agent to have it reset.
Ask for “U-verse technical support” when you call us at 800.288.2020.