Replacement Charging Cradle - Samsung Galaxy Gear

Make sure you always have a spare charger by getting the Replacement Charging Cradle for Samsung Galaxy Gear. A 700 mAh wall charger is also included.
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The spare charging cradle for Galaxy Gear snaps easily on to your Galaxy Gear device to charge your Gear while not in use. The Galaxy Gear manager companion app is downloaded via tapping your device to the charging cradle as you would with the charging cradle that came with your Galaxy Gear. However, with the spare charging cradle you will need to manually pair using the instructions in-box.

The Galaxy Gear replacement charging cradle comes with a spare 700mAh wall charger to provide power to the charging cradle.

Compatible Devices
  • Samsung:
  • Samsung Galaxy S® 4 Active (TM) , Samsung Galaxy S® 4 , Samsung Galaxy S III , Samsung Galaxy S III mini , Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Item SKU: 4776B(Replacement Charging Cradle - Samsung Galaxy Gear)

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