Narrowing the homework gap by connecting kids across the country to digital learning.

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Millions of children are unable to take part in digital learning because they don't have an internet connection or device. Through AT&T Connected Learning, we are investing in digital inclusion, literacy and learning to help connect today's learners with skills, resources, and opportunities for success - in and out of the classroom. It's part of our $2 billion commitment to help bridge the digital divide through low-cost broadband service and community investment.


Our Approach




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We’re opening up opportunity by launching AT&T Connected Learning Centers equipped with fiber broadband, Wi-Fi, computers, essential tech and digital learning resources to help our most vulnerable students. 



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Millions of students don’t have access to a connected computer at home. To advance digital inclusion, AT&T is working with organizations like Digitunity to provide refurbished devices, tech support and skills training. 


Digital Learning

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Created by AT&T in collaboration with WarnerMedia, The Achievery is a free digital learning platform designed to make distance learning more engaging, entertaining, and inspiring for K-12 students. Where education is powered by entertainment, and students are empowered to achieve, The Achievery connects students to a new world of digital learning.

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We're investing in projects and organizations that connect students, parents and teachers to learning resources, economic opportunities, and community support.


Connected Learning Centers
AT&T Helping Students Stay Connected
Bridging the Homework Gap in Delray Beach Bridging the Homework Gap in Sacramento

Narrowing the Homework Gap

Access and Affordability

To help close the gap and enable connected learning, AT&T is helping increase access to products and services necessary to keep students and schools connected.


Expanding Broadband Access
Affordable Connectivity Program
Offers for Schools

AT&T is committed to working with legislators and policymakers to help ensure the educational and economic success of Americans by making broadband connectivity more accessible, affordable and sustainable.


Broadband Access and Affordability

Public Policy and the Digital Divide

Digital Literacy

Students, teachers, schools and parents need tech-enabled tools and resources to learn how to make the most of their connectivity.  We're leveraging company resources, including WarnerMedia to empower them to succeed in the digital era.


Resources for Parents and Caregivers
Resources for Students

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Latest Connected Learning News

76% of parents and 81% of teachers remain concerned about the homework gap.

Of those impacted, parents (35%) and teachers (29%) say their students’ top method of coping with the gap is using a mobile phone to complete assignments.

35% of parents and 39% of teachers say their children had to seek internet connectivity somewhere outside the home.

Nearly half of parents reported being at least somewhat confused about where to find online learning resources.

Parents and teachers cited “not receiving enough help” and “it’s boring” as their students’ biggest frustrations with online learning.