AT&T Kicks Off FOSI Online Safety Annual Conference

AT&T Chairs Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), To Receive Award for Outstanding Achievement for Protecting Kids on Mobile Devices

December 11, 2008 9:08 PM

WASHINGTON, December 11, 2008 — AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) today announced its continued commitment to online safety, kicking off the Second Annual Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) Conference and Exhibition. The annual event is hosted by FOSI — an international nonprofit organization committed to providing innovative solutions for family online safety.

AT&T's Chief Privacy Officer Dorothy Attwood highlighted the common policy goals between AT&T and the incoming administration during the first panel, "Public Policies in a Transition Year." Attwood recently testified in front of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.

"Just as with privacy, we have made a strong commitment to online safety issues," Attwood commented. "President-elect Barack Obama has clearly identified the importance of both these issues within the technology policy framework outlined during his campaign. We share these common goals and look forward to working with the new administration, the new Congress and all policymakers in ensuring that families and Internet users more generally continue to enjoy a safe and secure online experience."

Chair of FOSI and AT&T Assistant Vice President of Regulatory Policy, Brent Olson, offered opening remarks at the conference. "There are new Internet safety challenges surfacing daily as children are increasingly capable of adapting to new technologies at lightning speed," said Olson. "The challenges this places on parents who grew up without the pervasiveness of the Internet are great as they attempt to stay as involved in their children's online lives as they are in their offline lives."

Marie McMenamin, Senior Product Development Manager, AT&T, is also set to receive the FOSI Award for Outstanding Achievement. She has played an integral part in developing AT&T's parental controls for wireless devices, which enable parents to restrict their children from accessing inappropriate content and from purchasing downloads such as ringtones, graphics, and games on their cell phones.

"AT&T has shown immeasurable support for FOSI both through the leadership of our FOSI Chair, Brent Olson, and through the 'Making Wise Choices Online' report that could not have been made without support from the AT&T Foundation," said FOSI CEO Stephen Balkam. "AT&T plays an especially important role in the online safety discussion as kids are increasingly reliant on mobile devices and can access the Internet anywhere they go. Through a variety of efforts, AT&T helps provide the awareness, the education and the tools necessary to make sure they are protected online."

To help consumers have a safer online experience, AT&T offers a full library of supportive Internet safety and security tips and interactive safety games for kids, all available at http://www.att.com/safety. In addition, consumers can go to http://OnGuardOnline.gov to review practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help them be on guard against Internet fraud, secure their computer and protect their personal information.