AT&T Applauds Obama Administration Cybersecurity Report

WASHINGTON, DC – The Obama Administration has issued its report assessing the nation’s cybersecurity. The report highlights the growing cyber-threats to private and government institutions and emphasizes the importance of a public-private partnership to address information and communications network security issues. Attribute the following statement to AT&T's Senior Executive Vice-President, External & Legislative Affairs Jim Cicconi:

“We applaud President Obama’s thoughtful and comprehensive review of the growing vulnerabilities, dangers and risks posed by cyber-threats. With this report, protecting our nation’s information and communications infrastructure and its importance to consumers, the economy and national security is given the priority that it needs.

“Strong cyber-security is essential to maintaining the integrity and reliability of networks that are the life-blood of modern business and the work of government. And, President Obama’s call for a strong and collaborative public-private partnership to ensure a safe and modern infrastructure, as well as protecting the privacy of personal information of individuals, will lead to accomplishing this important goal.

“AT&T has long supported many of the report’s recommendations, most recently in our testimony before Chairman Rockefeller’s Senate Commerce Committee earlier this year. We look forward to working with others in industry, government and non-profit experts as the important and serious work of protecting our nation’s information and communications infrastructure moves forward.