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Discover your alternatives to cable TV



Enjoy crystal-clear digital TV and have access to over 550 SD channels, 225 HD channels, and over 240 online TV channels on so you can watch U-verse TV anywhere and anytime on your PC, tablet, or smartphone! 1 2



This is your source for great sports programming packages and your only source for NFL SUNDAY TICKET, because it isn’t available from the cable company. With amazing satellite HDTV technology, top-rated customer satisfaction, and more—it all combines to create an amazing TV experience.


Premium programming packages

Bring the biggest movies, sports, and entertainment to your home.

There's just one way to see every out-of-market NFL game every Sunday—with NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Add in other top sports packages for basketball, baseball, soccer, and many more and you have the best way to view sports on TV.  

You’re sure to find your favorite movies in the incredible selection of premier networks and On Demand available through our U-verse TV packages.

Experience more ways to watch, access, and interact. Select from our most popular DIRECTV and Internet bundles or U-verse TV bundles with high-speed Internet and digital home phone.

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Everything your family needs all in one convenient bill. Wireless lines, shared data plan, and DIRECTV service for multiple HDTVs in your home.

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Say goodbye to cable TV

U-verse TV and DIRECTV deliver a better entertainment experience.

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Quick facts

Some of the most commonly asked questions regarding U-verse and DIRECTV service.

Service is currently available in all 50 states.

We currently have over 630 channels and apps with 225 in HD.

See complete TV listings. 

There are currently over 225 channels available. See complete TV listings. 

AT&T TV Support

If you’re a current customer looking for assistance, there’s a support page for each service where you’ll find useful tips, channel lineups, install guides, and much more to help you out.