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AT&T Scope of Support

We are committed to providing the best high-speed broadband service in the industry. To ensure your service is always available, we provide free 24/7 basic customer care for services purchased from AT&T. 


AT&T service support

Note: Because there are so many different types of hardware and software in the industry, we only support and maintain AT&T compatible and provided software/hardware.

Customers are responsible for the compatibility of their systems with the service. Equipment or software not provided by AT&T (often referred to as third party software or hardware) is the responsibility of the Customer. AT&T is unable to support or assume responsibility for maintenance or management of such software and equipment. If you experience any of the issues listed below, please browse or search our support site, visit our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool, chat with us, or give us a call.

Supported with your AT&T service
  • Problems establishing a connection to the Internet via your computer or your AT&T provided modem or router. (If you are having difficulties connecting to the internet while using a third party router, we can ensure you have a connection to our network when directly connected to the AT&T provided modem but do not support bridging the modem for third party routers.)
  • Problems using AT&T Yahoo! Email, Outlook Email, AT&T Internet Security Suite, or other AT&T provided software.
  • Password/sign in issues with your AT&T high-speed broadband service.
  • A message that a webpage is unavailable when surfing the internet using Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 & 8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari for Windows & Mac.

For problems not listed above, AT&T ConnecTech(R)1  offers solutions for your computer and home network needs for an affordable price. Whether your computer is running slow, not responding, or has completely crashed, AT&T ConnecTech can provide fast, expert help, when you need it. To learn more visit our website or call 866.294.3464.

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