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U-verse Total Home DVR features

Learn about programming features on your U-verse Total Home DVR and the various DVR features accessible with your U-verse remote control.


U-verse DVR features

One DVR - one experience - any room

U-verse Total Home DVR is all you need to enjoy your recorded programs on any TV in your home equipped with a U-verse receiver.

With U-verse Total Home DVR, you can enjoy features such as:
  • Record up to four shows at once on a single DVR.
  • Record and play back your shows from any room in your home.
  • Pause, fast-forward and rewind live or recorded shows on any TV.
  • Program your DVR from your wireless phone or computer.1
  • Store up to 422 hours of standard definition (SD) or 155 hours of high-definition (HD) content.
  • Watch Next Episode, available within the DVR Playback Stopped/Finished menu. Use the recording buffer of up to 60 minutes on non-DVR receivers; this will enable you to record a non-scheduled show from the time you began watching it (within the 60 minute window).

Note: HD-ready DVR with Total Home DVR service included with most plans. New U-verse TV customers ordering U300 or U450 are guaranteed the larger DVR. Upgrades for existing customers to the larger storage capacity DVR are subject to availability and additional fees. 

U-verse Total Home DVR features via remote control
You can access the Total Home DVR features from your remote control, including:
  • Prioritize your series recordings during a recording conflict with Series Priority.
  • Delete all recordings of a series with a single click via the Series Delete option.
  • Delete letters using the remote control Back button.
  • Review Recordings by Date, Title, Scheduled, and Series. Add a recording, and check your Recording Space, all under the Recordings menu.
  • Playback recordings even after you lose rights to a channel. For example, if you record a program on HBO during a free HBO weekend, you will still be able to view the recording after the free weekend expires. Or, if you record a program on a channel that is later removed from your channel lineup, you will still be able to view the recording.

: AT&T Fiber customers have access to a 100% fiber network, allowing them to watch and record more HD programs at one time. It includes a 1TB Total Home DVR with storage of up to 900 hours of SD programming or 330 hours of HD programming. Find out more about the Fiber network.

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