Understand your 5G gateway status LED

Learn what the color and status of the LEDs on your 5G gateway means.

5G and 4G LEDs

These lights let you know your connection strength to the wireless AT&T wireless network.

  • Green (solid): You have a strong signal.
  • Blue (solid): You have a fair signal.
  • Red (solid): You have a weak signal. Move your gateway to a better location.
  • Red (blinking): There’s a SIM error.


This light tells you the status of your Wi-Fi® and Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

  • Green (solid): Wi-Fi is ready.
  • Blue (blinking): WPS pairing is discoverable.
  • Blue (solid): WPS connection succeeded.
  • Red (solid): There’s an error with your Wi-Fi.

Status LED

This light gives you basic details about your gateway.

  • Green (solid): Your gateway is ready to use.
  • Green (blinking): Your gateway is powering up or restarting.
  • Red (solid): You have an error. 
  • Blue (solid): There’s a system update available for your gateway.
  • Blue (blinking): Your system is updating.
Last updated: March 26, 2024