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Accept an offer for secondary online access

Learn how to accept an offer for secondary access to an account so you can start managing it in myAT&T with your AT&T Access ID.


How to accept an offer for secondary online access

Before you begin

Accounts that already have an Access ID
  • AT&T wireless, AT&T phone, or AT&T email if you manage the account online
  • U-verse TV, Internet, Phone or DSL account
  • DIRECTV account bundled with wireless and/or AT&T Internet
  • DIRECTV (if we sent you a user ID when you ordered your DIRECTV service)

If you already have an ID, you won’t need to create one. Otherwise, to create one, follow the steps below.

Main steps

Accept an offer for secondary access
  1. Select the link in the text or email offer for secondary access.
  2. Enter the AT&T wireless number or account number and billing ZIP Code.
  3. Choose to either create an ID or use your current ID.
  4. Enter the requested information.
  5. If you’re creating an ID and password, agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Additional information

Password tips and requirements
If you create an ID, learn how to make your password strong and secure with our AT&T requirements.

More about secondary online access
  • Secondary access users can co-manage the account online by doing most of the same functions as the person with primary access.
  • Multiple people on an account can have secondary access.
  • Your user ID may have primary online access to some accounts and secondary access to other accounts. If you have primary access, you can offer secondary access to another user by text or email.