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Change your password

If you know your myAT&T password and want to change it, you can easily update it in your profile after signing in.


Learn how to change your myAT&T password

  1. Go to Profile > Sign-in info.
  2. Select Change sign-in password.
  3. Enter and save your password information.

Helpful password information

Password tips and requirements
Make your password strong and secure with our AT&T password requirements.

Note: If you don’t know your contact email address or we don’t recognize it, select Forgot your contact email? and enter your info. You can also do this to find your AT&T email address.

If you have multiple IDs that use the same contact email address, your Forgot ID notification will list them all.

Shared password for AT&T user ID and AT&T email
If you have an AT&T user ID with an AT&T email address associated with it:
  • The password will be the same on and
  • You can sign in with your user ID or email address to manage your account or check your email.
  • If you change your password, it changes for both your user ID and your email address. Learn more about shared passwords.
  • Remember for best security we recommend that you change your password often and use a new password each time.