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What is Pop-Up Blocker?

Pop-Up Blocker is a service available through the AT&T Web Portal that blocks Internet pop-up ads before they display on your screen.


Activate and use Pop-Up Blocker

To use this software, you must be an AT&T Internet Service customer and a registered AT&T Web Portal user.

Pop-Up Blocker assists in stopping pop-up windows from interrupting your time online. There are 3 different blocking levels from which you can choose, and you can choose to accept pop-ups from some sites and not others.
Activation from the AT&T Yahoo! Browser
To activate Pop-Up Blocker from the AT&T Yahoo! Browser, select the red X in the bottom right corner of your browser. A quick menu lets you change your settings or turn Pop-Up Blocker on or off.
Whenever a pop-up is blocked, you'll see a small window above the X that asks you if you'd like to see the pop-up you have missed. You can view it right then, you can go back later and check it out by selecting History, or you can disregard it.
Activation from the AT&T Companion Toolbar
To use Pop-Up Blocker from the AT&T Companion Toolbar, you will need version 5.3 of the toolbar. Check the version by selecting the Toolbar Settings menu and selecting About Companion.
In the Pop-Up Blocker menu, select Enable Pop-Up Blocker to check (enable) or uncheck (disable) the menu item.

When a window is blocked, the Pop-Up Blocker icon will animate and play a sound. The number of Total Pop-Ups Blocked displayed in the menu will also increase. To turn off the sound, select the Pop-Up Blocker menu and uncheck Play Sound When Pop-Up Is Blocked.