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AT&T payment options

You have several payment choices for your AT&T bill.


Payment options

Pay your bill online

Note: You must use your AT&T email or user ID associated with the primary account holder to sign in. If you sign in as a subaccount, you won’t see these billing options.

You can pay your AT&T bill online. Online payments allow you to securely pay your AT&T bills online using a credit/debit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) or a checking or savings account. The AT&T AutoPay service also allows you to set up regular monthly automatic payments using your credit/debit card.

Note: You can still receive a paper bill or choose paperless billing.
  1. Sign in to your online AT&T account, with your Primary Member ID.
  2. Select Go to Bill & Payments.
  3. If you have multiple accounts, select the account you want to view from the account selector at the top.
  4. Your previous bill activity and current bill will display. Expand sections to view additional details.
  5. To pay your bill, select Make a payment.
  6. To see a copy of your paper bill, select View paper bill.
  7. To view past bills up to 36 billing periods, select Billing & payments history or the History tab.

If you have multiple accounts that are linked together, repeat steps 3 and 4 above for each account that you want to view or pay.

We offer services that allow you to pay automatically each month. The AT&T Auto Payment service allows you to authorize your bank, credit union or financial institution to automatically debit your savings or checking account to pay your monthly AT&T charges - if your credit status allows.

Set up automatic payments on our website:
  1. Sign in to your online AT&T account.
  2. Go to Profile > Update bank accounts & credit cards.
  3. Select Sign up for AutoPay (in the AutoPay section).
  4. If you have multiple accounts, select the account to enroll in AutoPay.
  5. Select a payment method, complete any necessary fields, then select Continue.
  6. Review your enrollment information and select Submit.

Repeat steps 2 - 4 for each account you wish to enroll in AutoPay.

Use our fast payment option
No need to sign in to your account. Just use your account number or active AT&T phone number to make a payment. Be sure to have your payment amount in mind. Make a fast payment

Pay your bill by phone or mail

Paying your bill over the phone is easy. For fastest service, please contact us. Be sure to have a copy of your bill, along with your credit card or checking account information handy. You will be provided with a confirmation number for your records.

Attn: AT&T 
P. O. Box 5014
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5014

Please remember to return the first page of the bill with your payment and write your account number on the check. Please do not send cash.

Pay your bill in person

In Person
You may pay your bill in person at one of our authorized payment locations.