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How do I verify/configure DNS settings on my Netopia 3346/3347W router?

Learn how to verify or configure DNS settings on the Netopia 3346/3347W router.


Verify/configure DNS settings

Note: If the DNS settings in the Operating System have not been checked prior to this article, verify them now.

Please print and read all directions before changing any settings.
  1. Open and log in to the Netopia Command Line Interface (CLI) or web Interface, which will depend on your version of firmware (Default IP settings - telnet and Hyperterminal for CLI:; web interface:
  2. Enter username and password, if prompted, to access the Main Menu.
  3. In CLI: Go to System Configuration and hit Enter, then select IP Setup. In Web Interface: Click Expert Mode, click OK on Expert Mode Confirmation screen, click Configure, click Advanced, click DNS under Services.
  4. Make sure both the Primary and Secondary Domain Name Server fields show, which sets it to obtain the DNS server address automatically; if you make any changes in the web interface, click Submit to save the changes.
  5. Exit the application, making sure to first save/submit any changes.
  6. If you made changes to your settings, restart the computer to ensure the computer is using the new settings; then, open your browser and go to the website of your choice to test the settings. If you can access the website, your settings are working correctly. If not, see Alternate Settings.

Alternate Settings

The preferred settings above should work for most configurations; however, if you get an error when trying to access the website in step 6, your computer configuration may require different settings. Please make the following changes to your settings:
  1. Go back to step 4 and enter the following IP addresses into the Primary and Secondary Domain Name Server fields in order based on the state in which you are located:
  2. Save/submit the changes then restart your computer. If the alternate settings are working properly, you should now be able to access the website in step 6.