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What is Internet Explorer's AutoComplete function?

Learn about Internet Explorer's AutoComplete function.


About AutoComplete in Internet Explorer

How does AutoComplete work?

  • Addresses - Say you've recently visited the Web site and you want to go back. You can type "http://www.att" or even just "att" and AutoComplete will fill in the rest of the Web address for you. If you've visited more than one place on a Web site, AutoComplete will present you with a list of places you've been on that site.
  • Forms - Once you have entered in information into a form field Internet explorer will automatically save it. The next time you revisit the site simply double click in the field and a dropdown box of past entries will be displayed.
  • Passwords - After entering in a password you will be asked if you would like the password to be remembered. If you select "yes", the next time the user ID is entered for a site, the password will be entered automatically.

Enable the AutoComplete function of Internet Explorer

By default, AutoComplete is enabled in Internet Explorer. If AutoComplete has been disabled learn how to configure or remember your password.

AutoComplete and Passwords

I clicked 'No' when asked if I wanted Windows to remember my password, is there any way to make Windows ask me again?
In most cases you can get the prompt back easily by removing that particular user name from the sign-in form.
  1. Double-click inside the form field where you normally enter your user name. This will bring up a dropdown list showing all your saved AutoComplete user names.
  2. Point (not click) to the one you want to remove, so that it is highlighted, and then select the Delete key.
  3. Once gone, sign in again. You should now get the autocomplete box again.

I've changed my email password, how can I update the password stored by Internet Explorer?
Simply delete the password that auto populates and enter the new password. When you sign in windows will ask if you want to change the saved password.

AutoComplete is on, why will it not remember my password for some sites?
Some sites (mainly secure websites) instruct the browser to never allow your password manager to retain your information. This is a feature of the website and there are no workarounds supported by AT&T.