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Protect your password by disabling your browser's AutoComplete password feature

Learn how to protect your password by disabling the AutoComplete feature.


Disabling the browser's AutoComplete password feature

Some Web browsers include an AutoComplete feature that allows you to save user names and passwords so you can get into password-protected sites automatically. This may be a time-saver, but you should consider that anyone with access to your PC will be able to enter protected sites without having to supply a user name or password. To protect your personal information, you should consider disabling this AutoComplete feature.

To disable the AutoComplete option on Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and 6:
  1. Select Tools from the toolbar, then Internet Options.
  2. Click on the Content tab, then click the AutoComplete button.
  3. Under the Use AutoComplete for section, make sure the box next to User names and passwords on forms is NOT selected. If it is, just click on the checkmark to remove it.
  4. Click OK.

It's a good idea to restart your PC to make sure the changes take effect.

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