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Problems Browsing to Web Sites

Learn what to do when you're having problems browsing to web sites.


Troubleshoot issues when browsing to web sites

If you keep getting error messages (e.g. The page cannot be displayed) on a site that you want to access, try to browse to some different Web sites. If the other sites show up fine, then it's likely that the site with the error messages is down or otherwise inaccessible.

Try to re-enter the address
Double check the address of the site that you want to reach. Re-enter the address, being careful to enter it correctly. Look out for these common errors:
  • Incorrect "slash" directions - Most Internet addresses use forward slashes "/" in the URL. Make sure you haven't entered a "back" slash by mistake.
  • Missing dots (.) between domain levels - Make sure that you have used periods (dots), not commas.
  • Missing colons ":" - Internet addresses require a colon ":" in the URL
  • Make sure that you have not entered a semicolon or other punctuation by mistake.
  • Entering "http://" instead of "https://" when trying to reach a secure site - Secure sites, (e.g. banking or credit card site) use an encrypted session to help protect the information that is sent back and forth. These sites can often be identified by the "s" in the protocol string. Make sure the URL begins with "https:" or the site will be inaccessible.
  • Incorrect case (capital or lower case letters) in the address - Some Internet addresses are case sensitive. Make sure you enter the address exactly as it is provided to you.

If you are entering the address correctly, and you can browse to other sites but not to the site you wish to, chances are that site has either been removed from the Internet or the server is inaccessible at this time. It may be down for maintenance, or it may be experiencing other problems. Try again after an hour or two. If you cannot reach the site after several attempts, you may wish to contact the owner of the site to let them know that you are having problems reaching their site.

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