Other charges and credits on your bill

Other charges and credits explained.

Charges and credits

Other charges and credits may apply as follows:
  • Changes to products or services: A partial month charge applies for any product or service changed during the billing cycle.
  • Multiple-Feature Discount: If you qualify for a Multiple-Feature Discount on your current service and you add another feature, a charge appears for the previous discount, and a credit appears for the higher Multiple-Feature Discount. Note: Multiple-Feature Discount is not available in all states.
  • Late Payment Charge: If applicable in your state, applies if your payment is not received by the bill period. Bills not paid in full by the payment due date will incur a late payment charge. This includes both local and long distance service.
  • Directory Assistance Charge: If applicable in your state, directory assistance charges are included under Other Charges and Credits.
Last updated: January 4, 2024