AT&T High Speed Internet monthly billing

Your AT&T High Speed Internet service will be billed monthly to your AT&T phone bill.

Information about your bill

Each month, you are charged a fee to cover service for the upcoming month, as well as any additional usage charges from the previous month.

Phone bill detail
The charge for AT&T High Speed Internet service will be included in the total charges on the first page of your AT&T phone bill. Additionally, there is a separate detail page that is divided into two sections.

The first section for Monthly Charges includes:
  • Monthly fee
  • Global Service Provider (GSP) fee.

A GSP is the company that carries the Internet traffic into and out of your local service area, similar to a long distance company. This charge is included in the price plan you chose upon registration, but appears as a separate item on your bill.

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Last updated: January 3, 2024