Learn actions to take if you file bankruptcy

About bankruptcy filing

Filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult situation, so we want to help make the process easier for you. AT&T is normally notified of a new bankruptcy filing when it’s designated as a creditor in a Debtor's petition. However, you can help ensure we receive timely notice. We recommend you send your bankruptcy case info to the General Bankruptcy Mail address or fax number provided. This includes: (1) the bankruptcy court where the case was filed, (2) petition date, (3) case number, (4) chapter (7, 11, or 13), and (5) tax identification number(s) associated with your accounts.

General Bankruptcy Mail
AT&T Bankruptcy Center
2270 Lakeside Blvd, 7th Floor,
Richardson, TX 75082



Please note: All legal pleadings and notices must be served on CT Corporation as AT&T’s agent or as provided for in AT&T’s notice of appearance - if one is filed. Sending legal pleadings and notices to the address where you submit payment does not properly serve the documents to AT&T. In short, the bill processing center isn’t equipped to process anything other than bills.

AT&T adheres to all applicable laws, and won’t attempt to collect any charges associated with services provided prior to your bankruptcy petition date. However, there may be instances where automatically generated invoices could possibly include certain pre-bankruptcy petition charges. If that is the case, you are only responsible for charges incurred after the petition date, as provided for by the law.

Last updated: January 24, 2024