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Email address billing notifications

Why am I not receiving my monthly notifications from AT&T online account management?

Why am I not receiving my monthly notifications from AT&T online account management?

If your email is not working, or you have stopped receiving billing reminder emails, this may be because:
  • You have changed your email address and our emails were sent to an old email address. (Refer to How do I change my email address that is receiving the monthly emails?)
  • Your email box may be full.
  • To prevent unwanted emails, you may have set up email controls that block our emails. Many Internet service providers (ISPs) offer filtering systems to keep unwanted emails out of your inbox. Sometimes, these systems filter out email that you want or need. To help ensure that you receive your monthly AT&T online account management emails, please add us to your address book or list of trusted senders. If you need help, call or email your ISP's technical support and ask for instructions on how to 'whitelist', or allow you to receive, all emails about AT&T services.
  • You selected not to receive certain emails. Sign in to AT&T online account management, select Profile, then select Account Information, and verify which Billing Notifications you are currently receiving.
  • You are receiving paper bills and have not signed in to AT&T online account management in the last 90 days. To receive your "AT&T eBill is ready to view"email each month, stop your paper bills or in to AT&T online account management at least once every 90 days.

If you are still experiencing email problems after checking those reasons, contact us and describe the situation. Be sure to include as much information as possible: your billing telephone number, your User ID, your current email address, and any previous email addresses.