About your AT&T passcode

Find out more about the passcode required for your account.

About your AT&T passcode

Your AT&T passcode is used to perform business by phone.

This four-digit AT&T passcode is required to complete your AT&T installation, perform personal account functions by phone, or contact Technical Support by phone. You may have created your four-digit passcode when you ordered AT&T service or you may have created it later. Both the Primary ID Member and Sub Account Members may have four-digit passcodes.

The four-digit passcode allows the Primary ID Member to change services by phone or request Technical Support by phone. Sub Account Members may request technical support by phone - however, Sub Account Members may not use their four-digit passcodes to order additional services by phone or request a repair.

To change your passcode, please contact us.

Last updated: January 5, 2024