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Bankruptcy case details

Learn what to do if you've filed for bankruptcy.


Send your bankruptcy case information

Although the decision to file for bankruptcy can be a difficult one, AT&T wants to help make the process for its customers easier. While AT&T is normally notified of new bankruptcy filings when it is designated a creditor in a debtor's petition, you can help ensure AT&T receives timely notice by sending your bankruptcy case information including:
  • The bankruptcy court where the case was filed.
  • Petition date.
  • Case number.
  • Chapter (7, 11 or 13).
  • And tax identification number(s) associated with your accounts to the General Bankruptcy Mail address below.
General Bankruptcy Mail
c/o Business Bankruptcy
PO Box 769
Arlington, TX 76004

Fax: 888.826.0132

Note: All legal pleadings and notices, must be served on CT Corporation as the AT&T agent or as provided for in the AT&T notice of appearance - if one is filed. Sending legal pleadings and notices to the address where you submit payment does not properly serve the documents on AT&T. In short the bill processing center is not equipped to process anything other than bills.