Manage online access

Learn how to manage online access to an account and the difference between primary and secondary access.

Learn how to manage online access

You need to be signed in to your myAT&T to manage online access.
  1. At the very top of the page on the upper menu bar, select My Linked Accounts > Manage account access.
  2. Find your access level:
    • The Primary online access section lists each account to which your ID has the primary access. The primary ID is listed first, followed by others who have secondary access. The primary access user controls the secondary access of others.
    • The Secondary online access section lists each account to which your ID has secondary access.
  3. Choose the desired action from the chart below.
TaskHow to add or remove accessWho can make the changeAdditional information
Offer someone secondary online access Select Offer Others Account AccessPrimary only Choose the wireless number or email of someone on the account. Or specify an email for anyone not on the account. The person will receive a text or email offering access. 
Remove someone’s secondary access
Select Remove User.Primary only This removes the ability of that user to manage the account online. 
Give your primary access to a secondary Select Transfer access beside the secondary user’s name. Primary only This option swaps access to make the primary a secondary and vice versa. After the transfer, only the new primary can control who has online access to the account. 
Remove (un-link) the account from the Access ID you’re signed in with.Select De-Link Account.Primary or Secondary After doing this, you won’t be able to manage the account online. 
Change your secondary online access to primarySelect Get Primary Online Access.Secondary onlyThis can only occur if there is no primary for the account and you indicate you're the account owner, meaning your name is on the bill.

Primary and secondary online access

  • One user ID will have primary online access to the account and can manage offers for secondary access.
  • Secondary access users can co-manage the account online by doing most of the same functions as the person with primary access.
  • Multiple people can have secondary access.
Last updated: December 7, 2022