Password tips and requirements

Make your AT&T password strong and secure by following our tips and requirements.

Create a strong password with our tips and requirements


Password requirements
  • Must be 6-24 characters
  • May not be all letters
  • May not be all numbers
  • May not be the same as your ID
  • May contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, underscores ( _ ), or hyphens (–)

Helpful tips
We do everything we can to prevent hackers from accessing your account. Create a strong password to give yourself even greater protection.
  • Create a longer password to make it harder to hack.
  • Avoid common words that could be easy to guess.
  • Avoid obvious series like 123456, abcdef, or qwerty.
  • Avoid personal information that’s easy to find on the Internet (your name, Social Security number, date of birth, or pet’s name, for example).
  • Avoid re-using passwords.

Additional information

Passwords are case sensitive
  • Be sure to enter uppercase and lowercase letters carefully.
  • Make sure Caps Lock is off when you type or enter a password.
Last updated: January 5, 2024