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About paperless billing enrollment

Learn about a few restrictions enrolling in paperless billing.


About restrictions enrolling in paperless billing

There are a few restrictions to enrolling in paperless billing Service. You will see an error message for these situations:
  • Already Enrolled - you are already enrolled either through our Web site or your financial institution.
  • Account Not Found - please make sure the number you are trying to enroll is a number that you receive a paper bill. For example, you will get this error if you try to enroll your additional line that is included on the bill for your main number.
  • Spanish Bills - while you can view the Spanish version of your bill online, they are currently unable to be enrolled in paperless billing Service.
  • Temporarily Disconnected Accounts - you will be able to enroll your account once your service is restored.
  • Final Accounts - accounts that are disconnected are unable to be enrolled.
  • Pending Billing - you will need to receive at least one paper bill to be eligible to enroll in AT&T paperless billing Service.