Wireline and wireless service

Learn about the differences between wireline and wireless services.

Wireline vs. wireless services

AT&T offers both wireline and wireless service. Wireline service uses cables, or data lines, to connect service to your office space. Wireless service doesn’t use cables, so it’s available anywhere, anytime. We offer a variety of bundles that include both wireline and wireless services, so can have the convenience of one-stop shopping and a single bill.

AT&T wireline services offer the following benefits:
  • Compatibility with other office equipment, like alarms, fax machines, and PCs
  • Free white pages listing
  • Unlimited local calling available in most locations
  • Unified messaging available in some regions. (Unified messaging provides a single mailbox where you can access and manage email, voicemail, and faxes.
  • Plans available for low income customers
  • E911 support to provide your exact address and phone number to emergency services 

AT&T wireless services offer the following benefits:
  • Largest digital voice and data network in America
  • Rollover® minutes allow you to keep your unused plan minutes for up to one year (available with most plans)
  • Unlimited mobile to mobile calling available on most plans
  • Unity plans with unlimited local and long distance to AT&T wireless and wireline customers
  • No roaming or long distance charges nationwide on most plans
  • Email, text, Internet, and GPS available on compatible devices (additional charges may apply) 
Last updated: December 7, 2022