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Detecting security risk on your Android device

Learn what to do when AT&T Mobile Security notifies you of a security risk on your Android device.


Learn how AT&T Mobile Security app for Android detects a security risk

Unsafe app or file is detected during app installation
When you open or download an unsafe app it will turn red within the AT&T Mobile Security application. If an unsafe app or file is detected, you’ll need to do the following:
  1. Select the Security tab to identify the threat.
  2. Select Obtain More Info > Uninstall > or Ignore.

Note: Apps and files are not automatically deleted when threats are detected.

In some cases, such as with Monitor the File System, a malware alert pop-up may appear on how to take further action.

For Android versions 4.4+, AT&T Mobile Security doesn't have the required permissions to remove files unless they are preloaded on your device.

The device operating system doesn’t have the latest security updates
The System Advisor warning appears on the app dashboard when a security risk on the device operating system is detected. Contact your device manufacturer for assistance.