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Trade-in requirements for AT&T Next smartphones

Learn about the upgrade trade-in requirements for any AT&T Next or AT&T Next Every Year smartphone. See some examples of what isn’t acceptable for trade in.


Requirements for any AT&T Next smartphone upgrade trade in

To trade in and upgrade an AT&T Next® or AT&T Next Every Year installment plan smartphone, it must be working and in good physical condition.

Each trade in is processed and checked for eligibility. If the phone doesn’t meet trade-in eligibility requirements, you can be charged the remaining installment balance and the phone will be returned to you.

Examples of unacceptable AT&T Next upgrade trade ins

These photos are just examples, and not a complete list of unacceptable trade-in conditions.

User locks
If user locks or Find My iPhone® is enabled, the phone isn’t acceptable as an upgrade trade in. Examples:

User locks enabled example

Physical damage
A phone with physical damage isn't acceptable as an upgrade trade in.

Damaged screen example:

Damaged screen example

Damaged casing or frame example:

Damaged casing or frame example

Excessive wear or modifications example:

Excessive wear or modifications example

Missing keys or buttons example:

Missing keys or buttons example

Broken camera lens example:

Broken camera lens example

Modification or unapproved additions
Examples: Paint, decals, modified buttons, or other non-standard modifications

Modification or unapproved additions example