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AT&T Unified Messaging helps you take control of your messages.

Consolidate Your Messages

Manage your landline voicemail messages, wireless voicemail messages, faxes, and emails from one central location.

Stay in the Know

With flexible options for notifications, you can keep up to date with your messages. You can even get notified on your pager or mobile phone, or by email when a message arrives (some restrictions apply).

Choose Your Device

Listen to voicemail and check faxes from a personal computer, landline phone, or mobile device. Check fax messages and forward them by phone, or print them out using your computer.

Listen to Text

Our system can read the contents of an email message or a fax header to you over the phone.


Enhance your AT&T Unified Messaging service with these optional features.

Additional Storage

Expand your storage with the 50MB or 100MB additional storage options, or choose both for maximum storage.

Alternate Identification

Allows calls to a secondary number to be forwarded into the same mailbox as those to your primary number.

Unified Messaging Gateway

Provides a variety of features, including Call Back Now, which allows you to call to the sender of a message while listening to a message, or afterward.

Star Code Access

Quickly retrieve your messages. Not available in all areas.

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AT&T Unified MessagingSM requires a touch-tone telephone and a call-forwarding service. These services must be purchased separately from your local telephone service provider. AT&T offers these services with its local calling plans.

If you are using a pager to receive message notifications, your pager must have either an email address or a telephone number associated with it. This must be set up through the Unified Messaging Web user interface. Paging service and equipment must be purchased separately. The pager number must be in the same service area as your mailbox. Other restrictions may apply.

AT&T Unified Messaging supports these Web browsers: Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7.0, 8.0, and 9.0; Firefox® 3.0, 3.5, and 3.6. It supports these computer operating systems: Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, and Windows XP. Apple® Mac OS X is supported, but with some Internet browser limitations.