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AT&T Wireless Broadband Essentials plan

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is AT&T Wireless Broadband?
    Wireless broadband is a cellular service. Cellular technology has evolved to where it can provide essential internet access where sufficient cellular coverage exists. This type of connection can provide a flexible alternative to traditional broadband technologies for a small business.
    AT&T Wireless Broadband (sometimes called AWB) is a wireless data rate plan designed with business-critical applications in mind. Point-of-sale systems, ATM machines or anything needed to keep your small business running would be considered business critical.
    The AT&T Wireless Broadband Essentials plan provides affordable wireless broadband service across the AT&T network. This plan that is exclusive for small businesses offers unlimited data, no speed caps (AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy) and no overage charges.¹ For plan terms and conditions, see For AT&T’s Acceptable Use Policy, see
  • How does AT&T Wireless Broadband work?
    AT&T Wireless Broadband is a reliable, transferrable internet solution. There is no wireline construction required. For optimal AT&T Wireless Broadband performance, your small business location must have sufficient in-building cellular coverage. Because of that requirement, it is strongly recommended that you assess your building’s coverage before purchasing AT&T Wireless Broadband.
    AT&T Wireless Broadband is a data plan only, meaning it does not come with a mobile hotspot device or router. You can call 855.773.7578 to talk to a sales expert to learn more about purchasing an AT&T hotspot router. SIM installation in your device is self-install.
  • Why should I choose AT&T Wireless Broadband for my small business?
    AT&T Wireless Broadband is a reliable, transferrable internet solution that may benefit your small business. No special wireline construction is required. Wireless Broadband is often a great solution if your business has pop-up locations, such as temporary kiosks, special events, trade shows, etc. The AT&T Wireless Broadband Essentials plan can also provide additional bandwidth for your small business to connect your point-of-sale systems, cloud-based applications and more.