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Unlimited Your Way for BusinessSM

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  • How many lines do I need to have for unlimited data?
    With Unlimited Your Way, you can pick a plan for each line in your plan group.  At least one phone line is required to add non-phone lines to the plan group, with a maximum of 10 lines allowed per Unlimited Your Way for Business plan group.
  • What are the benefits of ordering more lines?
    Unlimited Your Way is structured so that, within a plan group of up to 10 lines, the monthly price per phone line decreases as more phone lines are added (up to the first 5 or 6 phone lines, depending on the selected plan).
  • Does the price per phone line also decrease when I add non-phone devices to my plan group?
    No. You can have a combination of phone lines and non-phone devices in your plan group, however only your phone lines can impact your price per phone line.