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AT&T Phone for Business Customer User Guide

Step by step instructions on setting up and managing AT&T Phone for Business Voice over IP digital voice service


Learn how to configure of all the features included with AT&T Phone for Business

Great sound quality and reliability are delivered by next-generation Voice over IP (VoIP) technology with AT&T Phone for Business. In addition to its many standard calling features, AT&T Phone also includes enhanced features such as Voicemail-to-Text, Locate Me (Follow Me) and Business Auto Attendant (optional), to improve call coverage and boost productivity.

This User Guide contains detailed instructions to help Customers customize the many features and call preference settings available with their AT&T Phone for Business service.

Step-by-step screen shots effectively highlight using the secure AT&T online portal, including how to set up Hunting, Call Forwarding and AT&T Voicemail.

AT&T Business Phone Solution (PDF, 6.25MB)