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Manage multiple accounts with your AT&T user ID

Learn how to add another account to your AT&T user ID and use one sign in to pay bills or manage your accounts.




Find out how to add another AT&T account to your AT&T user ID

  1. Sign in to your account that you would like to be your Primary Account.
  2. Go to Profile > Sign in information
  3. In the My linked accounts section, select Link another account.
  4. Enter the AT&T phone number or account number and the billing ZIP Code of the account you would like to add
  5. You may need to enter additional information to verify your identity.
  6. If the account is already on another ID, you can either:
    • Keep one ID and remove the other ID. All accounts will now be on the one ID you keep. 
    • Sign in with your other ID.
    • Request access to the account from the account owner.
  7. You may need to receive and enter a verification code or provide other information. 

You will receive a confirmation page stating your account has been added.

Note: To add your AT&T email account to your user ID, select Add an AT&T email account and follow the prompts.

After adding another account to manage with your user ID

  • You’ll sign in with one ID to manage multiple accounts. 
  • You’ll have either primary or secondary online access to the account you added.

Additional information

About primary and secondary online access
  • One user ID will have primary online access to the account and can manage offers for secondary access. 
  • Secondary access users can co-manage the account online by doing most of the same functions as the person with primary access.
  • Multiple people can have secondary access to an account. 

Shared password for AT&T Access ID and AT&T email
If you have an AT&T user ID with an AT&T email address associated with it:
  • The password will be the same on and
  • You can sign in with your user ID or email address to manage your account or check your email.
  • If you change your password, it changes for both your user ID and your email address. Learn more about shared passwords troubleshooting.
  • Remember for best security we recommend that you change your password often and use a new password each time.
Last updated: March 3, 2021

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