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What is AT&T Unified Messaging Fax Plus?

Learn about AT&T Unified Messaging Fax Plus.


About AT&T Unified Messaging Fax Plus

AT&T Unified MessagingSM Fax Plus is a service that unifies voice, fax and email communications, making them easily accessible to you from any touchtone telephone or personal computer.

This service provides you with a separate telephone number to give to your customers that can be used as a fax number. These faxes will be sent to the same mailbox as all of your other messages.

With text-to-speech technology, you can have the contents of an email message and/or your fax header information read to you over the telephone. Plus, you can save faxes for viewing on a personal computer, or use the computer to forward a fax to other fax machines within your local service area.

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