Not receiving your Bill Ready Notification

Get help when you have not received your Bill Ready Notification.

Why you may not have received your Bill Ready Notification

If you are not receiving your monthly Bill Ready Notification, there are several different potential reasons why. Please check the following:

  • Is your email address correct in your profile? You can verify this and make changes by signing in to your account.
    • Sign in with your User ID and password.
    • Tap the personal icon in the upper-right of the screen next to Sign Out.
    • Select View Profile.
    • Select Popular Task.
      • Update email & billing address.
      • Edit Billing email - follow the necessary steps to completion. 
  • Are you using a spam filter? If so, please set the preference to allow email from
  • Is your ISP/email provider blocking delivery of the Bill Ready Notifications? Check with your email provider and request that contacts from be allowed.

If you've verified all these possibilities and are still not receiving your Bill Ready Notifications, please contact us, and we will research your account further.

Last updated: January 8, 2024