Get wireless usage records

Learn how to view and download wireless usage for up to 16 billing cycles. Get details on data, calls, and messaging records for all your devices.

Download wireless usage details

  1. Go to Usage.
  2. You will see an overview of your recent usage (since last bill).
  3. Select the billing period you want from the drop-down.
  4. In the Usage section below the graph, select View usage details under the device you wish to manage.
  5. Select Data, Text, Talk, or Mobile Purchases from the View details by drop-down.
  6. To download usage details, locate the Download drop-down, select CSV or Excel format, and then select Submit. (Note: If the selector is disabled, use the forward arrows to go to the final page of your records. Once all your records load, you'll be able to download them.)
You can also create a custom report of your usage over time.

Usage tips and tools

Track current usage balance
For quick updates on remaining data and messaging balances in your current bill cycle, text *3282# (*DATA#) for English, or *3286# (*DATO#) for Spanish.

Understand billing and overage charges
Last updated: December 7, 2022