Cancel wireless service or remove a line

Learn how to remove a wireless line from your account or cancel service.

How to remove a line or cancel wireless service

Before you cancel service or remove a line

If you have an installment agreement
The remaining unpaid installment balance is due immediately upon cancelling the line to which the agreement is tied. This includes accessory installment agreements.1  Learn how to pay off an installment agreement.

If you don't have an installment agreement
An Early Termination Fee (ETF) will apply if you cancel service before the end of your service commitment. The ETF reduces for each full month of your service commitment that you complete. Find out how to estimate your early termination fee if one applies.

Cancel service or remove line

We value your business and hate to see you go.

If you activated a device within the last 30 days

  • Visit the AT&T Wireless Return Policy page to find out how to return your device and cancel service.
  • If you placed your order online and picked up in store, you must return to an AT&T-owned retail store in order to have the restocking fee waived. Waiver of fee is subject to change.

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Last updated: December 7, 2022