Data Usage Information & FAQs from AT&T
Info for smartphone customers with legacy unlimited data plans

Do you have an unlimited data plan? If so, we have information to help you manage your account.

As a result of our network management process, customers on a 3G/4G or 4G LTE smartphone with an unlimited data plan who have exceeded 3GB (3G/4G) or 5GB (4G LTE) of data in a billing period may experience reduced speeds when using data services at times and in areas that are experiencing network congestion. All such customers can still use unlimited data without incurring overage charges, and their speeds will be restored with the start of the next billing cycle.

Learn more about unlimited data plans and reduced speeds

Managing your data usage is easy. Check your data usage anytime by dialing *data# from your smartphone.

If you have one of our Mobile Share® plans or our tiered data plans, this information does not affect you.

Learn more about our Mobile Share Value plans with Unlimited Talk and Text.

What you need to know...

If you have a smartphone that works on our 3G/4G or 4G LTE network and still have an unlimited data plan:

  • You'll receive a text message during each billing cycle when your usage reaches 75% of 3GB (3G/4G) or 5GB (4G LTE) so you have enough time to adjust your usage to avoid network management practices that may result in slower data speeds
  • Each time you exceed 3GB (3G/4G) or 5GB (4G LTE) in a billing cycle, your data speeds may be reduced for the rest of that billing cycle and then go back to normal
  • Speeds will only be reduced when using data services at times and in areas that are experiencing network congestion

You'll still be able to use as much data as you want without incurring overage charges. That won't change. Only your data throughput speed may change if you exceed 3GB in one billing cycle on a 3G or 4G smartphone or 5GB or more on a 4G LTE smartphone.

Learn more about unlimited data plans and reduced speeds

What can you do with a GB?

You can do all of this with your data... 1GB 4GB 10GB
Emails sent / received with attachments 1,000 3,600 10,400
Hours of surfing the web 29 114 286
Hours of streaming video 1 5 11
Hours of streaming music 9 34 86
Social media posts with images 140 540 1,360
Apps / games / songs downloaded 10 40 100

One Hour of Data Consumption

Streaming HD Movies
Streaming Video Clips
Streaming Audio
Social Media

Explore Your Options

Use Wi-Fi

Your speeds are not reduced if you are connected via Wi-Fi. Data activity over Wi-Fi doesn't count toward the threshold at which your data speeds will be reduced.

Switch to a Mobile Share® Value Plan

With Mobile Share Value plans, your speeds are not reduced. You can switch anytime without having to sign a new two-year term agreement.

Do nothing

You may continue to use an unlimited amount of data without incurring overage charges; however, your speeds may be reduced if you exceed 3GB of data on a 3G/4G smartphone or 5GB of data on a 4G LTE smartphone in a billing cycle,at times and in areas that are experiencing network congestion.

You can also:

  • Estimate your usage with the data calculator.
  • Check usage this month by dialing *data# on your mobile phone.
  • Log in to myAT&T to check historical usage.
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