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Bring your phone. Bring your tablet.


Check compatibility

Refer to the manufacturer's website to verify your unlocked device works with a SIM card on an AT&T GSM network frequency:

  • • 3G UMTS network 850/1900MHz bands
  • • 4G LTE network AWS / 700 / 850 / 1900MHz bands

Phones from Sprint® are not compatible at this time.

Select a SIM and an
AT&T Mobile Share® Value Plan

Share data on up to 10 devices with Unlimited Talk & Text and no annual contract!

Current customers can add to their AT&T Mobile Share Plan or add a new line to their FamilyTalk® plan.

Learn more about Mobile Share Value Plans>

Activate your device

Your new AT&T SIM card arrives ready to use. All you have to do is insert it in your phone or tablet and you're ready to go.

Get more information. See Quick facts below >


Select a SIM for your device

    GoPhone®, Quick Messaging, Basic Phone

Don't see your device type? Stop by an AT&T store near you.

Why AT&T?

New lower rates with Mobile Share® Value Plan

Save up to $25/mo. per smartphone. Bring your tablet-$10/mo.

  • $100 per line bill credit2 > Offer ends April 30, 2014. Subj. to change. Qual. new line activations only. Must be in good standing for 45 days. Other charges, fees, and restr. apply. See offer details below.
  • No annual contract
  • Nationwide service, connect virtually anywhere
  • Unlimited Talk and Messaging
  • Fast, 4G LTE speeds
  • Award-winning customer service


Quick facts

What is a SIM card?

A SIM (subscriber identification module) card is embedded with a specially programmed microchip that inserts into a compatible Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) mobile device. The SIM card encrypts transmissions and identifies the user to the mobile network. Without a SIM card inserted into the mobile equipment, only emergency calls to 911 can be made.


What is the advantage of a SIM card-equipped GSM device?

SIM cards allow users to easily switch their account information between other compatible GSM devices for immediate use. The SIM card also acts as a removable storage card within the mobile device. SIM cards contain up to 128KB of available memory for storing contact names and phone numbers as well as text messages. This allows for users to easily update a new mobile device with their existing contacts.

How do I know what type of SIM card to use?

To find out if your device uses a SIM card, a micro-SIM card or a nano-SIM card, check your device. All versions of the iPhone® 5 use uses a nano-SIM card. iPhone 4/4S uses a micro-SIM. Most 4G LTE Android™ phones use a micro-SIM but not all, so be sure to check the make/model of the device and size of the SIM card (usually located under the battery).

How do I activate my device after receiving the SIM card from AT&T?

Your new SIM card will be sent to you by mail. Place the new SIM into your device. Activate your AT&T wireless device online by visiting the Activate Your Phone page on If you experience issues activating your device online, please call 866-391-0749.

What is GSM?

GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is the most broadly deployed standard for mobile devices in the world. GSM devices operate on international frequencies. These can include tri-band devices, which operate on three of the four GSM frequencies, and quad-band devices, which operate on all four of the GSM frequencies.

Is my GSM device compatible with the AT&T network?

Devices from many manufacturers (Apple®, HTC, Samsung, etc.) will work on our network. To find out here if your GSM device is compatible with the AT&T network, check your device.

Once I have my AT&T SIM card, can I use the SIM in any device?

Once you have an AT&T SIM and have activated the AT&T SIM card, you can put it in any compatible, unlocked GSM device you choose.

Can I use my own device or an unlocked GSM device to add a line?

Yes, you add a line by logging into your account and adding a SIM, plan, and services.

What plans are available for my device?

When you purchase a SIM card, you must also purchase a new rate plan and in some cases a data plan. A long-term service commitment is not required. All smartphones require data. If you do not add a data plan to a smartphone, AT&T will add it for you upon activation.

What are the benefits of the new Mobile Share Value plans?

Mobile Share Value plans offer the following benefits:

  • More value:
    • You can save more on 6GB and higher data plans compared with regular Mobile Share plans.
    • You can save on devices with the No Annual Service Contract option or with AT&T Next installment plans.
  • More flexibility:
    • You have choices for how to purchase a smartphone or basic messaging device:
    • Sign up for a standard two-year agreement for $40/mo.
    • Choose the No Annual Service Contract option for $25/mo.
    • Bring your own device.
    • Purchase with the AT&T Next Installment Plan (either AT&T Next 12 or AT&T Next 18).
    • Purchase a device out of contract.
    • Purchase at full retail price.
Do I need a contract with AT&T Mobile Share Value plans?

If you purchase a device with AT&T Next or the No Annual Service Contract option, no service contract is required. AT&T Next does require that you sign an installment agreement for device charges. You’re also required to agree to the Wireless Customer Agreement for the terms of service not associated with a time commitment.

How will the savings from choosing a No Annual Service Contract option be displayed on my bill?

All device selections on Mobile Share Value plans will be billed at $40 per month. Therefore, a $15 Mobile Share Value savings credit will be applied to your bill. The bill will show the $40 monthly cost (applicable to all device selections on a Mobile Share Value plan) with a $15 Mobile Share Value savings credit underneath.

Do Mobile Share Value plans require a smartphone on my account?

No. Like current Mobile Share plans, Mobile Share Value plans do not require a smartphone on your account.

1 Savings compare AT&T Mobile Share Value plan with smartphone with no annual contract (or on an AT&T NextSM installment agreement) to one on a 2-year agreement. Additional monthly charge per device. Up to 10 devices per plan. Activation fee, taxes, additional deposits, and other charges may apply. Coverage and service not available everywhere. Subject to change. Visit a store or for more info.

2 Bill Credit: Offer ends April 30, 2014, and is subject to change. Activate a new post-paid line of wireless service and receive a $100 bill credit. GoPhone® not included. Must maintain service and good standing status for 45 days to receive credit. Credit received within 3 bill cycles. Offer may not be combinable with other credits or offers. Visit for full requirements.

Device must be compatible with the AT&T network and capable of using an AT&T SIM Card. If necessary, you should unlock your device so that it can use an AT&T SIM Card prior to porting your existing service.

General Wireless Service Terms: Subject to Wireless Customer Agreement or applicable Business Agreement. Activation fee of $36 per line may apply. Early termination fee up to $325 may apply. Credit approval required. Geographic, usage, and other terms, conditions and restrictions apply, and may result in service termination. Coverage and services not available everywhere. Taxes and other monthly charges apply.

Mobile Share requires smartphone and Mobile Share plan (min. $40/mo). Up to 10 devices per plan. Additional monthly charge per device. $15 per GB for additional data. Unlimited Talk and Text for phones only. Activation fee, additional deposits, taxes, and other charges may apply. Access to corporate email, intranet sites, and apps available for $15/mo. per device. Subject to Wireless Customer Agreement. Credit approval required. Activation/upgrade fee $36/line. Geographic, usage, and other terms, conditions, and restrictions apply and may result in service termination. Coverage and services not available everywhere. Taxes and other charges apply.

Data ( If usage exceeds your monthly data allowance, you will automatically be charged overage for additional data provided.

Early Termination Fee ( After 14 days, ETF up to $325. Restocking fee up to $35 for smartphones and 10% of sales price for tablets.
Other Monthly Charges: Line may include a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge (up to $1.25), a gross receipts surcharge, federal and state universal service charges, and fees and charges for other government assessments.

AT&T does not guarantee the performance of non-branded AT&T devices.

These are not taxes or government required charges. Visit a store or to learn more about wireless devices and services from AT&T. Screen images simulated. All marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. ©2014 AT&T Intellectual Property.